Open Knowledge Maps (2019). Overview of research on 29567879[uid] or 28984336[uid] or 28884748[uid] or 28776573[uid] or 28505002[uid] or 28240677[ui[..]. Retrieved from https://openknowledgemaps.org/map/cb13e14ef3ea4038280826bbaf87d9f1 [30 Jul 2021].

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CoVis: Discover reliable COVID-19 research

CoVis provides a curated knowledge map of seminal works on COVID-19 research. The knowledge map is constantly evolving thanks to the collective editing of subject-matter experts.

VIPER: The Visual Project Explorer

VIPER provides overviews of research projects indexed by OpenAIRE. With VIPER, you can systematically explore a project’s output, and understand its impact in different areas.

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