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Announcing CoVis - a new tool to discover reliable COVID-19 research

For the development of therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19, scientists depend on valid knowledge on the coronavirus. But finding reliable research results is often difficult: with over 20,000 papers published on the topic, scientists spend a lot of valuable time reviewing the literature.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of CoVis: a curated knowledge map of seminal works on COVID-19. Developed in collaboration with our partner ReFigure, CoVis provides a quick overview of research articles from eight particularly relevant areas of biomedical research. When key issues are not answered by a single research source, data and images from multiple sources are compiled into a visual dashboard called a ReFigure.

CoVis makes it easier to get started on the topic - but also helps you to stay up-to-date. In order to do justice to the rapid development of COVID-19 research, the database is extended regularly by a dedicated team of curators led by immunologists and ReFigure founders Dr. Girija Goyal and Dr. James Akin. We are also inviting subject-matter experts to contribute to CoVis. Find out more about the contribution process here.

The tool is financially supported by the EU project EOSC Secretariat as part of the COVID-19 Fast-Track Funding. For further information, please see the full press release. As always, we look forward to your input and feedback!

Try out CoVis
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