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Celebrating 1 million Knowledge Maps

1 Million Strong!

Calling one, calling all, calling… one million? Yes, you read that right, – over 1 million knowledge maps have been created on the Open Knowledge Maps website!

Of course, we rather proudly share this achievement with our immensely multifaceted and curious users. We are grateful and send a big thank you to all the researchers, students, librarians, educators, practitioners, and purely inquisitive people. With the help of this ever-growing community, OKMaps has reached yet another extraordinary milestone in our mission of empowering the world with knowledge one map at a time!

Fun fact: the users of OKMaps hail from nearly every corner of the world. This year alone, we have welcomed visitors from 213 countries and territories. Our busiest hour is between 2pm and 3pm UTC, where users from all over join us in their quest for scientific knowledge. These diverse knowledge-seekers search for myriad terms across all disciplines, creating new maps along the way.

A Growing Community

Our following on social media has also experienced a significant gain in the last few months, thanks to more users sharing their thoughts and feedback on our services, as well as their unique map creations. We welcome each new user with open arms into the long-standing, strong and accelerating community of OKMaps. The advisors, partners and enthusiasts belonging to our community come from highly diverse backgrounds, yet all share a common goal - to make knowledge more accessible and discoverable.

New opportunities

Our board of supporting members is continuously growing as well, with exceptional members who are all helping to make a difference in the future of discovery. Most recently, Open Knowledge Maps has welcomed Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), as well as the KB, National Library of the Netherlands on board, and we eagerly await the endeavors our work together will bring! Each new member allows OKMaps to broaden our horizon, for each new institution provides a fresh perspective as to how far the OKMaps services may reach.

We are always looking forward to hearing the ideas and feedback from our users and supporting members, so that we may continue expanding our services for everyone’s benefit. These efforts are complemented by our collaboration in the TRIPLE and enKORE projects, projects which allow us to address the needs of specific research communities. In addition, our longstanding partnership with our main data provider BASE has proven instrumental in pushing the boundaries of discovery. Novel ideas and opportunities are presenting themselves each step of the way, so stay tuned and do not miss out on new and intriguing developments in the near future!

While you are waiting on those development updates, we suggest you try creating an original map – perhaps one with only audio or still images as the document type. Try something new – you never know what you could discover!

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