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By popular request: 2 new features!

Feature 1: Embed any map in 3 easy steps!

Have you ever wanted to share a map with the readers of your blog? Reuse an OKMaps overview on your course website? Provide a collection of your favourite maps for your lab? Here’s the the good news: Now you can!

  • Step 1: Click on the embed button next to a map.
  • Step 2: Copy the code snippet.
  • Step 3: And finally include it on your website. That’s it!

That way you can enable your colleagues and friends to get new insights into scientific knowledge!

Feature 2: Show only open access papers!

In addition, we have implemented another much requested feature: Showing only open access papers within a map. This means, you can easily find out, which papers you can read and download on Open Knowledge Maps - and get started on your research even faster!

As always, please share the good news with your network - and let us know of any feedback, bugs or ideas for improvement!

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