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A letter to our supporters

As a charitable non-profit, we depend on our community. Thanks to your support, Open Knowledge Maps has become the largest visual search engine for scientific knowledge in the world.

Today, we ask you for your help with our next challenge: to ensure the sustainability of this platform. This is why we are launching our very first donation campaign. It is pretty simple: If every user gave €3, we could run Open Knowledge Maps for a whole year.

With your help, we can not only keep Open Knowledge Maps online, but also develop it further. With your donation you contribute to an open, ad-free discovery service that is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But we do not want to stop there: our goal is to develop Open Knowledge Maps into a collaborative system, so that we can all build on top of each others' knowledge.

We hope that you’ll consider how useful it is to be able to discover scientific knowledge. Not only for a select few, but for everyone on the planet. The price of a coffee is all it takes!

❤️ Thank you.
Peter, Maxi and Chris from the Open Knowledge Maps board.

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