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Open Knowledge Maps is the world's largest visual search engine for scientific knowledge. Our open, ad-free service is used by hundreds of thousands of people. But we do not want to stop there: our goal is to develop Open Knowledge Maps into a collaborative system, so that we can all build on top of each others' knowledge.

We hope that you'll consider how useful it is to be able to discover scientific knowledge. Not only for a select few, but for everyone on the planet. The price of a coffee is all it takes!

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Free and open discovery for everyone

Open Knowledge Maps is the world’s largest visual search engine for scientific knowledge. We dramatically increase the visibility of research findings for science and society alike.

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Turning discovery into a collaborative process

Our vision is to enable collaborative editing of our knowledge maps. Just imagine, how useful it would be to combine artificial intelligence with input from experts in the field.

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Open source software for an open science

Don't leave it up to closed systems. Everyone should be able to benefit from scientific knowledge. To reach this goal we need open source non-profit discovery systems for an open science.

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Introduce OKMaps to your community. We put together a workshop kit that makes it easy to introduce OKMaps to your peers.


Help us shape OKMaps. We are driven by our community: only together can we change the way we discover research. Do you also want to make a difference?