Our Community

We are driven by our community: only together can we change the way we discover research. Do you also want to make a difference? Then consider becoming an enthusiast! In any case, get in touch.

Our Enthusiasts

are Open Knowledge Maps power users and ambassadors from all over the world. These six outstanding proponents of open discovery are the first ever enthusiasts. They do not only run workshops and a variety of other activities - they also help us shaping the Enthusiasts program.

OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Amie Fairs
  • PhD candidate
  • Max Planck Institute
    for Psycholinguistics
  • Netherlands
OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Benedikt Fecher
  • Program Director
  • Humboldt-Institut
    for Internet and Society
  • Germany
OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Girija Goyal
  • Co-founder
  • USA
OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Ricardo Hartley Belmar
  • Academic
  • Universidad Central de Chile
  • Chile
OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Jeremiah Pietersen
  • Digital Scholarship Specialist
  • University of Cape Town Libraries
  • South Africa
OK Maps Enthusiast
  • Mari Plaza
  • Data Scientist
  • Austria

Upcoming events and workshops

more events will be announced soon.

Past events and workshops in 2018

Oct 26-28

Mozilla Festival 2018

Introducing the enthusiasts program at MozFest science fair with members of the OKMaps team.

  • Date: October 26-28
  • Location: Mozilla Festival 2018 at Ravensbourne University London, UK
July 20

Esocite 2018 *free admission

OKMaps presentation and scavenger hunt with Ricardo

  • Date: July 20
  • Location: Antropologia 3, FACSO at Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile
July 20
Cape Town

Wikimania 2018

Poster session with Jeremiah and members of the OKMaps team.

  • Date: July 20 at 8pm
  • Location: Plenary hall at Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa
June 30

(Re)Figure-a-thon: Immunotherapy *free admission

Join a team based play for clinicians, patients, caregivers, citizen and career scientists, communicators, students. New tools to remix and reinterpret open access immunotherapy science with Girija.

  • Date: June 30 at 2pm
  • Location: (TBC) Harvard iLab in Allston MA, USA
June 29

Data Science Cafe Vol. 7 *free admission

OKmaps presentation and scavenger hunt with Mari and members of the OKMaps team

  • Date: June 29 at 6pm
  • Location: Rennweg 44, Vienna, Austria
June 12

OKMaps presentation & scavenger hunt *free admission

with Amie

  • Date: June 12 at 4pm
  • Location: Room 163, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Netherlands
June 9

Long Night of the Sciences Berlin *free admission

OKMaps presentation and scavenger hunt with Benedikt

  • Date: June 9 in the afternoon
  • Location: HIIG Berlin, Germany
May 30
Cape Town

OKMaps presentation & scavenger hunt *free admission

with Jeremiah

  • Date: May 30
  • Location: University Cape Town, South Africa

What our enthusiasts say

Sign-up for our Enthusiasts Program

We want to create a respectful, sustainable and inclusive space for everyone involved in exploration and discovery of scientific knowledge. To achieve this goal, we depend on people from all over the world, who are passionate about better and more open solutions for discovery. People like you!

As an enthusiast, you'll play a critical role in shaping Open Knowledge Maps. You'll be:

You'll receive support from the Open Knowledge Maps team throughout your time in the program. Being an enthusiast means that you will be named on our website and that you will get Open Knowledge Maps swag delivered to your doorstep. And most importantly, you will connect with awesome people from different disciplines and backgrounds from all around the world.

We are currently preparing the next phase of the Enthusiasts program. To pre-register for the next phase, please click below or message our program coordinator Najmeh:

Enthusiasts Program coordinators

If you have any more questions about the program please get in touch with one of our Enthusiasts program coordinators.

Maxi Schramm
Peter Kraker

Training materials

Open Knowledge Maps presentation (in English)

You can use these slides to inform your community about open discovery and OKMaps.

view and download

Open Knowledge Maps presentation (in Spanish)

You can use these slides to inform your community about open discovery and OKMaps.

view and download

OKMaps Scavenger Hunt

Play a fun fast paced game with your colleagues to get to know Open Knowledge Maps.

view and download

OKMaps Poster

Print it, hang it, love it - and use it to inform your community about OKMaps.

view and download