Membership-based Funding Model

Open Knowledge Maps is a charitable non-profit - we provide a free and open resource that dramatically increases the visibility of research findings for science and society alike.

In the last 2.5 years, Open Knowledge Maps has become the largest visual search engine for scientific knowledge in the world: we have had more than half a million visits on the website, and more than 100,000 maps were created. In addition, we organized workshops with more than 1,000 participants worldwide.

Open Knowledge Maps serves both users from the Global South and the Global North: most of our users are from Indonesia, followed by the US, Germany, Austria, India, the UK, Canada, China and Australia.

In addition, Open Knowledge Maps is an open infrastructure in a space that is dominated by closed and proprietary systems [1]. These proprietary systems are often expensive and hinder innovation due to their closed nature. In contrast, Open Knowledge Maps software, content, and data can be easily reused - it is therefore community-owned.

Nevertheless, Open Knowledge Maps is still very much a volunteer effort. To provide a sustainable platform for open discovery, we propose to fund Open Knowledge Maps in a collective effort. In this membership-based funding model, supporting organisations become members of Open Knowledge Maps and provide an annual contribution.

In return, members get a say in the future development of Open Knowledge Maps. As a member, you are invited to join the Board of Supporters, which participates in a yearly vote on what features and sources to implement. This establishes a true community-driven solution for the discovery of scientific knowledge.

[1] In a recent analysis by Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman, Open Knowledge Maps was one of just three scholarly commons-compliant infrastructures in the area of discovery.


To become a supporter of Open Knowledge Maps, please select one of these categories:

Supporting members

Membership fee: EUR 2,800/year

Members in this category support Open Knowledge Maps with an annual membership fee. All supporting members are listed on the Open Knowledge Maps website and they have 1 seat on the Board of Supporters.

Sustaining members

Membership fee: EUR 4,800/year or more

Members in this category make a more substantial impact on Open Knowledge Maps’ sustainability. Sustaining members’ contribution is acknowledged on the Open Knowledge Maps website and in selected other materials, where they are listed with their logo. In addition, sustaining members have 2 seats on the Board of Supporters.

Sustaining members - higher support

Membership fee: EUR 9,800/year or more

Members in this category contribute towards Open Knowledge Maps’ long-term sustainability. Their higher support is acknowledged on the Open Knowledge Maps website and in selected other materials, where they are listed with their logo in a special category. In addition, sustaining members in this category have 3 seats on the Board of Supporters.

Get in touch

If your organization is interested in becoming a supporting member, please get in touch with Open Knowledge Maps founder and chairman Peter Kraker at:

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