At Open Knowledge Maps, our aim is to improve the visibility of scientific knowledge. That’s why we partner with organizations that share our goals to develop innovative open science projects.

Check out our present and past collaboration projects below and learn more about how we can work together.

Past and present projects

Linked Cat+: Explore half a century of knowledge production at the Academy

LinkedCat+ is an ongoing project funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) to make the early proceedings of the OeAW accessible, discoverable and reusable. LinkedCat+ will provide open access fulltexts and bibliographic catalogue data as linked open data, and allow for visual exploration of this data.

  • Funder: Austrian Academy of Science (OeAW)
  • Partners: BAS:IS (Library, Archive, OeAW Collections), Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH)
  • Runtime: 2018-2020 *running

VIPER - The Visual Project Explorer

VIPER was an OpenAIRE tender project to create a prototype of the Visual Project Explorer that provides overviews of over 2.4 million research projects indexed by OpenAIRE. VIPER enables funders, institutions and researchers to systematically explore a project’s output, and to understand its impact in different areas.

  • Funder: OpenAIRE
  • Link: VIPER

CRIS I Visualization

CRIS Vis on mental health was a project in collaboration with the Open Innovation in Science Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG). It enables researchers, practitioners and citizens to explore crowd-sourced research questions related to mental health.

Why should you collaborate with us?

Do you know these problems? You have public, openly accessible collections, but you do not know how to present these collections to your users. The user interfaces available to you do not properly represent your resources. Your current discovery systems are not user friendly, and therefore they are not used.

This is where we come in:

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From concept to user satisfaction


In a first step, we will analyse your collection. Together with you, we will then create a concept based on our open source software to make your resources available to the public.


Afterwards, we set up an agile process to implement the concept that involves feedback and user tests. Depending on the available budget, this process usually involves several iterations.


This ensures that the final visualizations will meet the needs of your users, highlight the value of your collection and make your resources easily accessible for an open science.

Collaborate with us

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Project Leads

Peter Kraker
Maxi Schramm