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Membership spotlight: Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

This is the final part of our five-part series where we give the floor to representatives of our initial supporting members to introduce their institutions and to tell us why they chose to support Open Knowledge Maps.

Today, it's Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft:

"The LBG OIS Center is an international hub for investigating and experimenting with open research practices. The LBG OIS Center generates and disseminates insights into the use of Open Innovation principles and methods in science, along the entire process to originate new scientific research. As a visual interface to the world's scientific knowledge, Open Knowledge Maps opens up science in a unique way to researchers as well as to practitioners and the public. We are proud to be a supporting member of Open Knowledge Maps." Mag. Patrick Lehner, Director OIS Center, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

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More about LBG
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