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Open Knowledge Maps welcomes its 10th supporting member: Die Angewandte

We are delighted to announce that Die Angewandte - University of Applied Arts Vienna has joined Open Knowledge Maps as a supporting member. With this addition, our supporting membership program has now grown to ten members.

About Die Angewandte: Like every university, the activities of the Angewandte rest upon its core competence in research and teaching. As a university of art, the transdisciplinary and creative exploration of our complex world is at the top of the agenda. The task of research is to define key thematic points in response to current challenges in society, e.g. questions of digitisation, to design work processes open towards society, and to actively and resolutely anchor the results in change-oriented public discourse.

As our newest member in the category "Supporting Member", Die Angewandte supports the maintenance of Open Knowledge Maps. Florian Bettel, Senior Scientist at die Angewandte, outlines the reasons for becoming a member:

"Die Angewandte shares and supports the core principles of Open Knowledge Maps in particular with regards to open science, user-centred design, and open source. With base Angewandte, the Angewandte operates an innovative software project that is dedicated to these principles. Part of this development is the third-party funded project “Portfolio/Showroom—Making Art Research Accessible”, which is operated jointly with other Austrian universities and non-university research institutions. The aim is to expand the resulting current research information system with Open Knowledge Maps to include additional functions and to better share our research with the community." Dr. Florian Bettel, Senior Scientist at the Department of Cultural Studies, die Angewandte

We warmly welcome Die Angewandte and we invite further organisations to join and shape the future of discovery together with us. For more information about the supporting membership program, please click here.

More about Die Angewandte
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