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New supporting member: University Library of Southern Denmark

We are delighted to announce that the University Library of Southern Denmark (SDU) has joined Open Knowledge Maps as a supporting member. The SDU Library supports the university’s knowledge exchange with the surrounding society - for research, education, and learning at the highest academic level.

SDU Library is Open Knowledge Maps' first supporting member outside of German-speaking Europe. As a regional research and education library, the library ensures that the physical and digital services relating to the production, storage and communication of scientific knowledge are developed constantly for and with the university and its partners – across both geography and academia.

Bertil F. Dorch, SDU Library Director, outlines the reasons for becoming a member:

"It is a pleasure for us to contribute to Open Knowledge Maps sustainability and we believe that OKMaps is presenting an ambitious and attainable set of goals to support the research output which make open access materials widely discoverable for library patrons. The University Library of Southern Denmark is delighted to support and collaborate with the world´s largest visual search engine which improves the integrity of the scientific and scholarly records." Bertil F. Dorch, Associate Professor, Library Director, The University of Southern Denmark

We warmly welcome SDU Library and we invite further organisations to join and shape the future of discovery together with us. For more information about the supporting membership program, please click here.

More about SDU
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