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What's next for Open Knowledge Maps?

It’s been a busy year at Open Knowledge Maps! We made two major updates to our software that led to a considerable increase in user engagement. We launched our supporting membership model and we initiated the GO FAIR Discovery network. We continued our Enthusiasts program and we developed a new workshop format to help researchers improve the visibility of their research online - and so much more.

We also realized that our roadmap doesn’t reflect the complexity of Open Knowledge Maps’ vision any longer. We have grown as an organisation and improved our services considerably since we last updated the document in 2017.

Following a complete overhaul of our roadmap, we are now happy to announce the new and improved version. As always, the feedback from our community was front and center when considering what’s coming next for Open Knowledge Maps.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Firstly, better connect OKMaps to the services you already use and love:

  • Enable exporting citations to Zotero
  • Include links to additional open access copies (via unpaywall)
  • Include Open Access Button for papers you still can’t access
  • Include the DOAJ Seal of Approval and links to ORCiDs

These features will improve access to research documents, provide more context to individual outputs and better integrate Open Knowledge Maps into your discovery workflow.

Secondly, improve our capabilities for data discovery: Our role as lead in the GO FAIR Implementation Network "Discovery" puts us in a unique position to work closely with the community on better solutions for discovering data sets.

And finally: We are going to improve our financial, technical and organisational sustainability. We will provide access to our underlying data sets and continue our community, training & networking activities.

Thank you for your continued support and please let us know what you think of our new roadmap via email, Twitter or Github. And if you would like to help us financially in achieving our goals, consider making a donation.

Check out our roadmap
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