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Meet our 2020 enthusiasts

We are happy to announce that our enthusiasts program continues. Please welcome with us this year’s participants: Nancy Kwangwa, Daniel Deogratus, Paloma Marín Arraiza, Hamdan Hidayat and Serdar Balci.

The enthusiasts will give workshops or webinars on Open Knowledge Maps and also collect feedback from their respective research communities. In this iteration, we are covering the following countries for the very first time: Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Turkey. And we are going to Indonesia again!

In light of COVID-19, we have extended the time frame for the program and we will support our enthusiasts in hosting online formats such as webinars.

In addition to their role as ambassadors, the enthusiasts provide translations for our training materials and innovative use cases of our software (see for example this coronavirus map by Serdar Balci). Find out more about our enthusiasts and the program itself here:

Would you like to join our enthusiasts program in 2021? Don’t hesitate to send a message to our community coordinator Michela at

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