We are creating a visual interface to the world's scientific knowledge that dramatically increases the visibility of research findings for science and society alike.

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We are going to provide a large-scale system of open, interactive and interlinked knowledge maps for every research topic, every field and every discipline.

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Share. Use.

We want to turn discovery into an open and collaborative process. By sharing the results of our discoveries, we can save valuable time and build on top of each other's knowledge.

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Training Materials

Would you like to introduce Open Knowledge Maps to your community? We put together a workshop kit that makes it easy to introduce Open Knowledge Maps to your peers.

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Project collaborations

Do you have public, openly accessible collections, but you do not know how to present these collections to your users?

This is where we come in:

We are experts in developing innovative user interfaces powered by cutting-edge AI techniques for any research collection from a few hundred to millions of items. The final visualizations will meet the needs of your users, highlight the value of your collection and make your resources easily accessible for an open science.

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